Training coursework

Open mindfulness Compassion : Pleine Conscience - Pleine Présence Plena Consciencia Plena Presencia

The training aims at ensuring a high -quality and authentic transmission of the OMT protocol (Open Mindfulness Training).  Only those who have demonstrated a high level of skill and expertise in the training are qualified to be instructors.  That is why it is requested from anyone who wishes to train as a facilitator to display:

  • A full understanding of the traditional Buddhist path requiring a training course confirmed by an exam and a diploma
  • A regular practice of the Open Mindfulness (2yrs minimum)
  • An integration of the Open Mindfulness in daily life
  • An altruistic and humanistic motivation behind the training and transmission of Open Mindfulness.



For anyone wishing to train to transmit Open Mindfulness following the OMT protocol, the training starts with:

  • An OMT elementary retreat seminar (8 days)
  • An Open Mindfulness integration retreat(8 days) within 6 months of the elementary retreat
  • A seminar following the AMT (Altruistic Mindfulness Training) – 8 days
  • Further training courses specific to assistants and facilitators

A training dedicated to practitioners is currently being prepared.

It is recommended to persons in training to follow it at their own rhythm, understanding that the time devoted in training largely exceeds the duration of seminars.  During this time, the trainees progress in the personal aspects of their training in correlation with their understanding of the teachings of the Buddha and their practice of Open Mindfulness, completing the prerequisites of the training and gradually fulfilling  the required conditions.

When can we start transmitting?

The facilitators in training (or assistants), facilitators and practitioners certified in Open Mindfulness are members of the OMC Network and may carry out assignments defined by the OMC Network.


The assistant supports the facilitator during the OMT seminars (OMT) and leads meditation practices and bodily practices under the supervision of the facilitator


The certified facilitator prepares, organizes and leads the OMT retreats.  He participates as well in the training and the supervision of assistants and future Open Mindfulness facilitators.


The practitioner is a certified facilitator developing an Open Mindfulness application within a specific discipline.

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