Modes of transmission

OMN-Open Mindfulness Network (@Luc_Charrier)

The method is based on two protocols:

  1. OMT Open Mindfulness Training
  2. OCT Open Compassion Training

This precise, friendly and progressive method is accessible to all and can be easily integrated into one’s daily routine.

Active and participatory methods to incorporate the practice

Open Mindfulness, Pleine présence Pleine Consicence, Plena Consciencia Plena Presencia Pratiquer Practicing Mindfulness

To more fully enter into the experience of mindfulness, the OMT method encourages a natural incorporation of the practice through gradual trainings and interpersonal exchanges.  The progressive stages of the training are specifically designed to facilitate this gradual process of integration:

  1. Short practical teachings and presentations pave the way to enter into the practice
  2. Guided meditation sessions
  3. Meditative practices to pay full attention to the body : tuning into the breath and observing one’s physical sensations, making sensorial experiences, etc…
  4. Regular feedback : after each session, participants are invited to share their experiences, ask further questions, make comments…

Participants are also invited to carry on practicing at home for about 25 to 40 minutes a day.

Open Mindfulness Training specifics


Teachings and experience are deeply rooted and endowed with a quality of global and complete openness.

The method lays stress on ethics and compassion. Compassionate presence is the foundation for a natural and universal ethic founded on goodness, benevolence, peace and harmony: “Do onto others what you would have them do onto you.”

Coherence and consistency. Between the OMT spirit of openness and non-violence and the financial sustainability of its transmission. Deeply rooted in an economy of reciprocity, the OMT transmission is based on the principle of voluntary contribution.

Follow-up available. After completing the OMT in 8 steps over 2 months, participants can take part in other workshops and seminar retreats to deepen their practice of Mindfulness; they can even enroll into lifelong practice.

Quality. The OMT is a method linked to scientific research controlled and supervised by the Altruistic Open Mindfulness Network