Altruistic Mindfulness International Network (AMIN) : a network of partners

Denys Rinpoché et Dokushô Roshi ont fondé l’Altruistic Mindfulness International Network.

The AMIN, “ALTRUISTIC MINDFULNESS INTERNATIONAL NETWORK”, is an open network of cooperation and solidarity dedicated to the transmission, practice and sharing the mindfulness in a humanistic spirit and altruistic economy. The network is in the service of all in the interest of global benefit.

Origins and motivation of the network

Altruistic Mindfulness International Network

On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the European Buddhist Union in 2013, many Buddhist teachers shared the vision and motivation to make the benefits of Mindfulness accessible to all. They expressed the wish to benefit the greatest number, while ensuring the quality of this universal heritage and guarding against  the deviations of commodification and business.
The purpose of the network is to promote in the Western context the quality of its transmission for the good of all.

It is with this motivation that Denys Rinpoché and Dokushô Roshi founded the Altruistic Mindfulness International Network

Altruistic Mindfulness International Network


Members of the network transmit mindfulness following 10 basic principles of AMIN:

  1. A secular practice and teaching, that is humanistic, non-denominational, non-ideological, and based on natural and universal human experience.
  2. An intangible heritage of humanity.
  3. It is based on an altruistic non-profit economical model.
  4. It follows a scientific approach based on reason and immediate direct experience.
  5. It recognizes its origins in the operative phenomenology taught in the Buddhadharma.
  6. It openly cooperates in sharing documents and know-how through an  “open source, creative common license.”
  7. It continually works to improve transmission protocols.
  8. It cooperates in the development of situational applications of mindfulness in all areas in which it is relevant.
  9. It cooperates with the international scientific community, testing and assessing the suitability and quality of transmission protocols and engaging interdisciplinary research on mindfulness and altruism.
  10. It cooperates in a system of validation and monitoring of the quality of transmission protocols and quality of accreditation of the facilitators, instructors and practitioners.

The partners have both  founded transmission protocols :

Dokushô – MBTB protocol

Denys Rinpoché –  OMT and AMT protocols