The AOM Network

L'OMC Network

The Altruistic Open Mindfulness Network (AOM-Network) is the international network of facilitators, certified in transmitting mindfulness in line with the OMT approach.

  • Registered centres are granted the responsibility of organising the transmission and training programmes.
  • The network defines the mission of its assistants, facilitators and practitioners and their rights to practice according to their level of training. It leads and organises their training with the aim of ensuring authentic and high quality transmission. It supports them in their practice and transmission through supervision and intervision meetings.
  • It regulates the correct implementation of the OMT and AMT methods through the accreditation and monitoring of authorised assistants, facilitators and practitioners.
  • It organises an annual plenary seminar, bringing together members of the public and accredited facilitators.


Our activity is built around 4 main pillars:

Transmission Training

The Altruistic Open Mindfulness  Network (AOM Network) is granted the responsibility of training participants in the transmission of the OMT and AMT method within the framework of vocational courses (facilitators and practitioners). It then, by convention, grants the responsibility of the organisation of open seminars to member associations.


Accreditation of facilitators and practitioners by both the Foundation and the AOM Network. Once a year, the AOM Network puts forward the facilitators and practitioners who have fulfilled the requirements for certification by the Foundation. The certificate is awarded during the annual plenary retreat on behalf of the AOM Network.

Research and Development

Research and development into mindfulness transmission using -but not limited to- the OMT and AMT approach (method, techniques, practice).

Communication and Publications

Communication in the form of publications, organised events and conferences on the subject.