Open Mindfulness Institute

Institut de pleine présence
Institut de pleine présence

An Open Mindfulness Institute aims at developing education for all to Open Mindfulness, in its experimental and practical aspects. For this purpose, public programs of discovery and application are offered, as well as specific Open Mindfulness seminars on particular topics.

The Open Mindfulness Institute in Avalon (Savoy, France) is a division of the Altruistic Open Mindfulness Network.

The Open Mindfulness institute in the United States offers courses in New York, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

The Open Mindfulness Institute in Brussels organizes 8 week OMT sessions.

The Open Mindfulness Institute in Champagne-Ardennes offers 8 week OMT sessions as well.

Transmissions according to the Open Mindfulness Training protocol are coordinated and supervised by the AOM-Network. Programs are carried out by certified AOM-Network facilitators.