Uses and benefits

Qu'est-ce que la Pleine Présence ?

Among the numerous benefits of mindfulness, the positive effects on both mental and physical health have been scientifically validated. Beneficial in both relational and professional environments, it leads to full awareness of  sensations, thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness helps to harmonise physiological and psychological functions as well as to strengthen the immune system by providing a natural remedy for pathologies linked to the variety of stresses brought about by our modern lifestyle.

Practicing Mindfulness

Applications et bienfaits de l'Open Mindfulness

Here are just some of the many benefits of mindfulness practice:

  • A relaxed and calm state of being, beneficial to oneself and others
  • A greater attention  span, and an improved quality of sleep
  • A reduction in chronic pains, depressive states and both mental and emotional suffering (grief, stress, anxiety, burnout…)