Open Mindfulness, Pleine présence Pleine Consicence, Plena Consciencia Plena Presencia Pratiquer Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing regularly enables the experience of Open Mindfulness to unfold gradually. It benefits us in our daily life, be it at the professional, social or inter-personal level. And we can discover gradually new benefits as integration operates stage by stage over time.

Regular group practice offers 4 main advantages

Institut de pleine présence

Just to have a weekly appointment and to attend it is a support as such. In our urban surroundings, we can easily be caught up again in a rapid rhythm, a just-in-time life approach, our usual mental habits… and training at home can quickly unravel.

Group practice is done in an inspiring environment that fosters a peace and stillness that is favorable to the experience of the whole group.

Sharing the same practice with a group is stimulating and supports each and everyone in their own practice experience.

It enables “changing on the spot”, i.e. flowing with changing  situations. Open Mindfulness becomes part of one’s interior experience and develops contact with others.

Two formulas

It is possible to get Open Mindfulness training in Avalon all year round either on a collective or individual retreat basis. A personal follow-up plan is also possible upon request. Participants can integrate Open Mindfulness in their daily activities as well.

In urban settings, the Open Mindfulness practice groups offer sessions of secular meditation practice.

Taking part to such a group creates a motivation, a self-discipline that makes it possible to stick with the Open Mindfulness practice. It enables participants to re-discover the different practice schemes, share their experience, get support and coaching to overcome any obstacle that may arise.


  1. We invite you to approach the proposed training as an opportunity to view your experience with a compassionate and curious mind, without comparing yourself to others or seeking results.
  2. In the course of a seminar, it’s normal that certain times will seem more difficult than others. Your commitment to the process will allow us to support you through these difficulties
  3. By enrolling in a seminar, you make the commitment to participate in all of the agreed sessions in the schedule. As we are all interdependent, a good group dynamic depends also on you and your willingness to participate.
  4. Meditation brings about benefits which have been noted in many scientific studies. It isn’t, however, a substitute for either medical treatment or classic psychotherapy.
  5. If you are undergoing medical treatment, we ask that you don’t modify your treatment in any way during the seminar period, especially without prior medical advice.
  6. If you’d like to find out whether the seminars are suitable for your current needs, most importantly in terms of your situation, or in the case of a specific illness or limitation, we invite you to contact us via @mail or on the following number: +33 (0)