Great projects are born from small incremental efforts.

The OMC-Foundation (currently being created) and the OMC-Network are supported mainly through donations from individuals interested in the Open Mindfulness practice and who wish its benefits to be offered to as many people as possible.

Each donation gets attributed to one of the following projects :

  1. Elaboration and continual improvement of the protocols enabling a great number of people to access this practice
  2. Development of scientific research in conjunction with the appropriate international research labs
  3. Creation of practice centers in France and abroad
  4. Organization of international symposiums to sustain and ease the dialogue between the different divisions of contemporary science, contemplative traditions and Open Mindfulness applications

Effective progress will be accounted for on a regular basis through the annual report of the OMC-Foundation and OMC-Network.

We would be extremely pleased if you would join this ambitious project and through your financial contribution enable us to make it real.

For a donation, please use the « ONLINE DONATION » page