Open mindfulness Compassion : Pleine Conscience - Pleine Présence Plena Consciencia Plena Presencia

Open Mindfulness

Open Mindfulness Training is a way to discover and develop one’s natural capacity for an open, balanced, and benevolent quality of attention to the present moment.

Approached from a secular perspective, OMT is intended to be accessible to everyone, creating a link between contemplative traditions and the contemporary context.  This practice offers practical, real-time solutions to feelings of restlessness and unease that affect many of us in the modern world.

Open Mindfulness is developed by progressively expanding the field of awareness until one is fully present to the sensory experience of each moment. We learn to welcome, recognise and accept our experience, whether it is pleasant, unpleasant or neutral.

Once we have become familiar with this awareness, we develop the practice through integrating it with daily life, at all times and in all situations.

What is Open Mindfulness ?

Open Mindfulness Compassion


The seminars are designed for those who are motivated to discover and develop the practice of Open Mindfulness in their daily lives.

Sciences and Tradition

Since the 1980’s, meditation has emerged from the sphere of personal development and has entered into the fields of clinical psychology and medicine.

Facilitator Training

The Facilitator Intensive Training (FIT) ensures the authenticity of the transmission and the quality of the protocols of the Open Mindfulness Training